A guide to chiropractic treatments

A guide to chiropractic treatments

Chiropractic adjustment

The job of a Chiropractor entails the use of hands or tiny tools to manipulate the spine and other joints and muscles in the body. This is done to improve form, relieve stiffness and manage pain in different joints along with the skeleton. This is often known as a form of alternative medicine that works in conjunction with prescribed medication.


This is a profession that has been in effect since 1895 when its founder first adjusted the spine of a janitor. While spinal manipulation has been in use before. Daniel Palmer claimed to use specific movements for adjustments.

Palmer founded his school of Chiropractic and began teaching adjustment techniques to the first chiropractors. While this may have led to tensions between practitioners of allopathic medicine and chiropractors, it eventually became a discipline followed and respected all over the world.

Licensed chiropractors rendered treatment from the late 1800s onwards till statutes for treatments were put in place for legal treatments. A Chiropractic treatment has been a part of wellness regimes for a long and slowly but surely people have started depending on chiropractic adjustments for a better life.

Chiropractic treatments today
The profession of a Chiropractor has come a long way. From using learned manipulations to diagnostics and treatments derived from the understanding that the nervous system is responsible for all bodily coordination, chiropractic treatments have evolved completely.


In today’s world chiropractic treatments follow two different schools o thought. One suggests the use of spinal manipulation alone for treatments while the other follows a more multidisciplinary approach. The multidisciplinary approach uses different forms of physical therapy in correspondence to chiropractic adjustments.

The job of a Chiropractor in Oakville is now seen as an essential part of overall wellness treatments that are focused on improving the quality of life for elders and adults alike.

Why opt for chiropractic adjustments

At NatureLife Health Care, chiropractic care for Oakville residents do not begin immediately. First, our team will assess your medical history and whether you are taking any medication regularly. They may even advise you to get diagnostic imaging or lab-tests done to determine whether treatment is a viable option.

Licensed chiropractors at our facility use the fundamentals of musculoskeletal alignment to improve overall function. A Chiropractor will use hands-on spinal manipulations and motions to compel the body into a healing drive. This means that each adjustment is targeted at a specific joint which assists the body in restoring mobility in stiff areas.

Injury, age, tissue damage, or any traumatic event can cause joints to tighten up leaving little room for effortless movement. To help you manage the stiffness and pain that comes with musculoskeletal conditions.

As to why chiropractic treatment is a viable form of alternative healing, the following are a few reasons.

Given that you work only with a licensed and trained Chiropractor in Oakville, here is what chiropractic treatments have to offer

Significant reduction in pain

A Chiropractor can assist you with a program that includes various adjustments to help manage pain better. Our team of licensed experts focuses on the spine as the main core of the human form. It is what allows us to sit, stand, bend, walk and maintain healthy movement in the body. However, even minor injuries and misalignments can lead to serious pain and immobility.

Strains slipped discs or even nerve damage can lead to serious problems. At NatureLife Health Centre your spinal structure will be assessed to determine the cause of the pain before treatment begins. Small and gradual manipulative movements are used to place the spine in the aligned column, this reduces pain significantly and improves mobility and function.

While some patients may feel immediate relief, others have to go through a few sessions and adjustments to get a handle on their pain.

Improve physical performance

Most patients looking for the assistance of a Chiropractor tend to have an existing joint or spinal problem. However, athletes visit the chiropractor quite regularly to help improve their physical form. Strength speed and flexibility are all related to joint and musculoskeletal mobility, chiropractic adjustments keep these components running smoothly.

For someone who isn’t suffering from joint pain or mobility problems, a visit to the chiropractor at our facility can help keep stiffness and age-related concerns at bay. Most of our wellness programs work as an amalgamation of several physical and therapeutic programs that target the different parts of the body and multiple forms of ailments.

Our team can give you a physical evaluation and suggest which adjustments and movements will work for you.

Posture improvement

Our Chiropractor is the right person to assist you if you spend hours sitting at a desk or living a sedentary lifestyle. Posture improvement not only worked wonders for the overall appearance but also helps keep joints and muscles mobile and pain-free.

The lumbar and thoracic are often the main areas of concern that push the posture forward and downwards. Without posture, adjustment pressure can build up through the length of the spine and leading to numbness, stiffness, migraines, muscle and joint pain as well as neck pain.

Not only will our resident chiropractor assist in realigning the spine but also advise you on posture correcting movements to keeps joints and knees supple despite sitting for hours.

Better sleep and immunity

Immunity is dependent on balance. This also includes the nervous system. Spinal misalignments can cause the entire nervous system to feel out of order which opens the body to diseases and seasonal conditions such as flu.

The natural defense system of the body relies string on the nervous system which is ultimately reliant on the spinal function. Chiropractic adjustments can improve the way your body communicates within and how it addresses unwanted intruders.

Our resident chiropractor can help improve posture and sleep by working on pains and stiffness in the body. A relaxed musculoskeletal system ensures better, function, a clearer mind, and improved mobility.

You can visit our Chiropractor in Oakville for an evaluation today.

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