A guide to chiropractic treatments

Chiropractic adjustment

The job of a Chiropractor entails the use of hands or tiny tools to manipulate the spine and other joints and muscles in the body. This is done to improve form, relieve stiffness and manage pain in different joints along with the skeleton. This is often known as a form of alternative medicine that works in conjunction with prescribed medication.


This is a profession that has been in effect since 1895 when its founder first adjusted the spine of a janitor. While spinal manipulation has been in use before. Daniel Palmer claimed to use specific movements for adjustments.

Palmer founded his school of Chiropractic and began teaching adjustment techniques to the first chiropractors. While this may have led to tensions between practitioners of allopathic medicine and chiropractors, it eventually became a discipline followed and respected all over the world.

Licensed chiropractors rendered treatment from the late 1800s onwards till statutes for treatments were put in place for legal treatments. A Chiropractic treatment has been a part of wellness regimes for a long and slowly but surely people have started depending on chiropractic adjustments for a better life.

Chiropractic treatments today
The profession of a Chiropractor has come a long way. From using learned manipulations to diagnostics and treatments derived from the understanding that the nervous system is responsible for all bodily coordination, chiropractic treatments have evolved completely.


In today’s world chiropractic treatments follow two different schools o thought. One suggests the use of spinal manipulation alone for treatments while the other follows a more multidisciplinary approach. The multidisciplinary approach uses different forms of physical therapy in correspondence to chiropractic adjustments.

The job of a Chiropractor in Oakville is now seen as an essential part of overall wellness treatments that are focused on improving the quality of life for elders and adults alike.

Why opt for chiropractic adjustments

At NatureLife Health Care, chiropractic care for Oakville residents do not begin immediately. First, our team will assess your medical history and whether you are taking any medication regularly. They may even advise you to get diagnostic imaging or lab-tests done to determine whether treatment is a viable option.

Licensed chiropractors at our facility use the fundamentals of musculoskeletal alignment to improve overall function. A Chiropractor will use hands-on spinal manipulations and motions to compel the body into a healing drive. This means that each adjustment is targeted at a specific joint which assists the body in restoring mobility in stiff areas.

Injury, age, tissue damage, or any traumatic event can cause joints to tighten up leaving little room for effortless movement. To help you manage the stiffness and pain that comes with musculoskeletal conditions.

As to why chiropractic treatment is a viable form of alternative healing, the following are a few reasons.

Given that you work only with a licensed and trained Chiropractor in Oakville, here is what chiropractic treatments have to offer

Significant reduction in pain

A Chiropractor can assist you with a program that includes various adjustments to help manage pain better. Our team of licensed experts focuses on the spine as the main core of the human form. It is what allows us to sit, stand, bend, walk and maintain healthy movement in the body. However, even minor injuries and misalignments can lead to serious pain and immobility.

Strains slipped discs or even nerve damage can lead to serious problems. At NatureLife Health Centre your spinal structure will be assessed to determine the cause of the pain before treatment begins. Small and gradual manipulative movements are used to place the spine in the aligned column, this reduces pain significantly and improves mobility and function.

While some patients may feel immediate relief, others have to go through a few sessions and adjustments to get a handle on their pain.

Improve physical performance

Most patients looking for the assistance of a Chiropractor tend to have an existing joint or spinal problem. However, athletes visit the chiropractor quite regularly to help improve their physical form. Strength speed and flexibility are all related to joint and musculoskeletal mobility, chiropractic adjustments keep these components running smoothly.

For someone who isn’t suffering from joint pain or mobility problems, a visit to the chiropractor at our facility can help keep stiffness and age-related concerns at bay. Most of our wellness programs work as an amalgamation of several physical and therapeutic programs that target the different parts of the body and multiple forms of ailments.

Our team can give you a physical evaluation and suggest which adjustments and movements will work for you.

Posture improvement

Our Chiropractor is the right person to assist you if you spend hours sitting at a desk or living a sedentary lifestyle. Posture improvement not only worked wonders for the overall appearance but also helps keep joints and muscles mobile and pain-free.

The lumbar and thoracic are often the main areas of concern that push the posture forward and downwards. Without posture, adjustment pressure can build up through the length of the spine and leading to numbness, stiffness, migraines, muscle and joint pain as well as neck pain.

Not only will our resident chiropractor assist in realigning the spine but also advise you on posture correcting movements to keeps joints and knees supple despite sitting for hours.

Better sleep and immunity

Immunity is dependent on balance. This also includes the nervous system. Spinal misalignments can cause the entire nervous system to feel out of order which opens the body to diseases and seasonal conditions such as flu.

The natural defense system of the body relies string on the nervous system which is ultimately reliant on the spinal function. Chiropractic adjustments can improve the way your body communicates within and how it addresses unwanted intruders.

Our resident chiropractor can help improve posture and sleep by working on pains and stiffness in the body. A relaxed musculoskeletal system ensures better, function, a clearer mind, and improved mobility.

You can visit our Chiropractor in Oakville for an evaluation today.

Understanding physiotherapy and how it fits into modern healing

By definition, physiotherapy is a form of alternative treatment that relies on physical treatments such as massage, exercise (assisted or otherwise), and other physical movements to address ailments as opposed to the use of drugs, medication, and surgery.

History: The presence of physiotherapy in today’s world

Physiotherapy in Oakville has gained popularity relatively recently. However, it is an age-old treatment that has been in use for centuries in countries like India, Greece, and China. There are records; written and otherwise that show the use of massages and even hydrotherapy to heal the sick.

In about 1000 B.C, Chinese medicine used a specific form of exercise named “Cong Fu” that was used to correct the human posture. It focused on breathing techniques to improve the overall respiratory system.

Physiotherapy today is in essence an improved form of what was practiced centuries ago. The Greek physician Herodicus discussed the significance of gymnastics (wrestling, walking, and weight training) to treat febrile conditions. Another mention of physical therapy is recorded during 460 BC when Hippocrates otherwise known as the father of medicine emphasized the significance of physical movement for better posture and function.

There are multiple other mentions of physical therapies throughout history for healing purposes.


Physiotherapy today

In today’s world, physiotherapy encompasses a range of motion and assisted movements to treat and improve the human form. It is no longer seen as an alternative treatment but features into the overall medical and physical plan for specific ailments.

It is now a tool used to work on musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and even neurological disorders. Psychosomatic and pain conditions are also a part of the vast medical conditions that are treated and prevented using physical therapy.

Certified and licensed physiotherapists hold diplomas and degrees that provide the theoretical and practical knowledge of conditions that can be treated using physical movement. Some programs help physiotherapists specialize in various fields that include sports injuries, orthopedic treatments, massage therapies, and more.

Physiotherapy has certainly come along way. There are facts backed by science that physical therapists rely on for treatments of form and motion. Some studies record the significance of physiotherapy in pain management and improved motion as well.

Physiotherapy is no longer the choice of a select few. Doctors prescribe the use of therapies especially for sports injuries, diabetic conditions, and acupuncture-related treatments. Since this form of healing relies on the human body and its capability to heal, it has become quite popular in recent times.

At NatureLife Health Centre physiotherapy plays a leading role. We provide top-notch Physiotherapy in Oakville carried out by registered and licensed physicians only. We believe that to better understand the significance of physical therapy and how it enhances the quality of life, people need to be familiar with the advantages of this form of treatment.

Advantages of physiotherapy

As mentioned above, physiotherapy has come a long way and the benefits of this specific form of treatment have been recorded and cited by medical journals all over the globe. Our Oakville Physiotherapy program isn’t just a solution for people suffering from an ailment but can also act as a preventative measure in terms of musculoskeletal diseases.

A comprehensive understanding of how physical movement and assisted physical training improve form and function has helped people improve their overall lifestyle and many patients who have received treatment at our center are leading healthy lives without assistance.

Following are a few reasons to change your perspective towards wellness treatments and to better understand their potential.

Pain elimination and management

Joint and soft tissue mobilization, manual therapy, chiropractic adjustments, or shockwave therapies are a part of our pain management programs. Our team of licensed practitioners adds Physiotherapy using different forms of treatments that target pain caused by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and similar concerns.

There are electrical simulation options used in the process to enhance the effectiveness of the treatments at our facility.

Surgery isn’t the only option

Physiotherapy is a treatment that strengthens the joints and muscles from within. In some cases, the need for surgery may be eliminated by prompting the body to heal itself rather than rely on invasive procedures. However, if you still need to proceed with the surgery, opting for Physiotherapy will help strengthen your body and improve the healing process after the surgery.


Stiffness and joint discomfort are conditions that affect people of all ages. Working on mobility at our facility will make routine life and movement painless and easier. Pilates, mobility exercises, and corresponding programs are in effect during treatment to help improve overall health other than just treating a specific health condition.


The body is a set of connected mechanisms that make the body-work. Going through trauma related to strokes, paralysis or hemorrhages can leave certain parts of the body week and in need of treatment. Physiotherapy in Oakville is an amalgamation of mobility treatments and therapy to restore strength and movement in parts of the body that have been affected by nerve damage or are experiencing impaired movement.

Better life

Old age is a culprit. Despite not having any medical conditions mobility and joint problems become a problem. Time at our facility with treatments such as Physiotherapy and more you can negate the effects of age and enjoy carefree movement and complete control of your life. Therapy and consistent movement can keep conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis at bay.


You can book a consultation with us to get a complete road map of exercises and therapies that you can add to your wellness routine. Apart from designing treatment plans for specific conditions we work on overall wellness and mobility plans that can help anyone improve their lifestyle.


Physiotherapy is a huge part of what we do here. From helping patients retore motion in their limbs to improving mobility, breathing, and more, physiotherapy does wonder for the human form.

Understanding acupuncture and its applications as a wellness therapy

What you should know about acupuncture

Acupuncture is an evolved form of an ancient healing tradition followed in Chinese medicine.


This treatment can best be termed as a complementary form of medicine that uses needles to treat various forms of physical and mental illnesses. The needles target specific points along what are believed to be pathways of energy in the human body.


After the needles have been inserted during Acupuncture in Oakville our practitioners use specific movements and manipulations to “activate” the needles. This can also be done using electric stimulation if needed.

There are a variety of conditions that can be treated using acupuncture.


The first record of acupuncture as a form of traditional medicine originates in china. Acupuncture is a significant part of traditional Chinese medicine and has been in use since 6000 BCE. The earlier treatments were completed using sharpened bones or stones instead of thin needles.

The basis of this treatment lies in the belief that humans are beings of energy and there are pathways in the human body that act as channels for energy. Acupuncture in Oakville also uses the same principles to this day.

This flow of energy is referred to as “qi” and pronounced “Chee”. It is believed that energy flows through twelve pathways in the body and these channels are referred to as “meridians”. These meridians are connected to different organs and functions of the human body.

This does not mean that Acupuncture is focused on nerves or blood circulation. The earliest documentation of this treatment dates back to 100 BCE in the book “the yellow emperors classic of internal medicine”.

The text records a detailed explanation of energy flow and meridians through the human body.

Acupuncture today

The development of acupuncture has been quite consistent through the centuries. Acupuncture in Oakville used today comes from the standard practice of acupuncture followed by traditional Chinese healers.

At NatureLife Health Centre our practitioners use acupuncture as a means of treatment for various ailments in conjunction with a balanced diet, use of herbs, heat therapy, and massage treatments. If you are already undergoing medical treatments, our team can design a plan that works hand-in-hand with your treatments to provide you with maximum benefits.

Acupuncture is used to treat a range of medical conditions. These include a range of digestive, eye-ear-throat, musculoskeletal, respiratory, neurological, gynecological, and other miscellaneous disorders.

Acupuncture at NatureLife Health Centre

Our practitioners make sure that the patient has discussed acupuncture with their doctor before they qualify for the treatments. We are quite thorough and take details of all the treatments and medication you are on.

If you use a pacemaker, a possibility of infection, skin conditions, pregnancy, implants or any other chronic illness make sure to discuss test results and diagnostics in detail with your care-provider.

Our practitioners do not diagnose any medical condition rather offer complementary treatments for better energy and function.

All our acupuncture practitioners are licensed. They meet the training standards set by the state for acupuncture practitioners to deliver treatments.

Apart from this, anyone who does not have a medical condition can also opt for this treatment for vitality and rejuvenation. Acupuncture can be beneficial for anyone. Acupuncture can aid in maintaining a healthy life and also acts as a preventative measure for several ailments.

As to the benefits of acupuncture, there are quite a few

Applications of acupuncture in Oakville

Promotes relaxation

If you have ever seen someone get an acupuncture treatment you can see how relaxed they are despite needles sticking into their skin. Acupuncture has been a treatment to help the body and mind relax for centuries. At our facility, you will find an ambiance suited for stress-relief acupuncture conducted by expert practitioners with years of extensive experience in working with patients experiencing different forms of anxiety and stress.

After just a single session with our practitioners’ patients tend to feel relaxed and alleviated.

Improve sleep

Like most forms of physical medicine Acupuncture acts as a balancing treatment to relax the body and mind. The energy flow is targeted throughout the treatment and patients tend to sleep much better when after a session of this therapy.

In treating sleeping disorders acupuncture helps improve the overall health and function of the mind and body.

Boost your energy

Acupuncture is a treatment that targets the disruption of energy throughout the body. This imbalance can be attributed to several factors including chronic stress and anxiety. Apart from preexisting medical conditions, several other factors cause fatigue and loss of energy.

After a thorough examination and medical history, our practitioners target specific meridians that are linked to what is causing the lack of energy. With each session, you will feel a significant difference in energy levels and overall physical health.

Pain management

Acupuncture is used in conjunction with other wellness programs to improve pain management. Musculoskeletal disorders are often the culprits in causing serious illness that led to joint pain, stiffness, and discomfort. To address these conditions and to prompt the body to heal itself, a program comprising of different therapies and treatments is put in place by our team.

Acupuncture is often a part of the treatment plan and works as a catalyst to improve physical function and relieve the patient of severe pain and stiffness across the body.

Immunity booster

Acupuncture can act as a stimulant to boost your body’s natural barriers against disease. In Chinese medicine “Wei QI” is a form of protective energy that flows within the body.

This form of acupuncture is often completed in conjunction with the use of Chinese herbs to strengthen the protective barrier while improving the energy flow through multiple meridian channels.

To better understand how Acupuncture in Oakville can change your life quality visit us for a consultation and discuss your queries with us.

Reasons to choose massage therapy and its impact over the years

Evolution of massage therapy and its choice as a healing medium

Over thousands of years and thousands of obstacles, healing traditions such as therapy and physical movement have entered the 21st century. Modern medicine today cites the impact of healing traditions opening doorways into a deeper understanding of the connection between health and alternative wellness treatments.

Massage therapy

As the title suggests massage therapy is a form of therapy that involves kneading, rubbing, and manipulation of muscles or soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. This may include relaxation, pain relief, healing promotion, and overall physical form and function.

History of Massage Therapy

The history of massage therapy as rich as it gets. While massage therapy in Oakville may seem like a modern trend to some, this method of natural healing dates back ages. While the prominent benefits of massage therapy may be highlighted by a cult-like following today, this holistic system of healing was being used more than 5000 years ago.

The first record of massage therapy dates back to India around 3000 BCE. It was then considered a sacred system of healing used in Ayurveda. The massage was seen as a way to align the body’s natural and physical balance.

Massage as a healing tradition traveled to China, Southeast Asia, and Greece from here on. Traditional Chinese medicine incorporated massage techniques into their practices creating a parallel but similar healing tradition.

Around 2500 BCE massage therapy made its way into Egyptian medical practices. There are tomb paintings that record the use of massage as therapy. Their techniques were also inspired by traditional ayurvedic massage but they added their own body of work to what is practiced in Egypt.

Besides the Egyptians, the monks also brought massage therapy to Japan around 1000 BCE. This was later referred to as Anma is also known as Shiatsu.

Massage techniques have spread and evolved over centuries and used as a tool to energize, strengthen, regulate and balance the organs. The right approach to massaging can build the body’s natural resistance to illness and fatigue.

Massage therapy today

Massage therapy in Oakville has certainly come a long way. In terms of popularity, it has gained the backing of several researchers who believe that overall health can be improved by manipulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Today, the definition of massage therapy & physiotherapy has evolved connecting it to terms such as wholeness or calm rather than joint or muscle manipulation.

Ling, a known name in the world of massage therapy, believed in the vigorous use of tissue manipulation for standard treatment however, current techniques are gentle, calming, and much more purpose-oriented.

At nature life health care center our licensed therapists use a targeted approach to assist you with any ongoing medical treatments. The goal is to improve form and function for better life quality and increased expectancy.


 Massage therapy at NatureLife Health Centre

Our team comprises licensed and registered therapists who have completed years of study and practical experience in the field. Following are the techniques used by experts who provide massage therapy in Oakville at our facility


Circular motions are used as a form of deep massage using fingers and thumbs.


Gentler stroking movements along the length of different muscles


Pressure application along the width of different muscles


Measured karate chops like movements, light slaps, and such


Squeezing and pressure application on targeted muscles

Therapeutic facets

At NatureLife Health Centre therapists use massage as a form of treatment to treat pain disorders, muscle tension, stress, and anxiety. Patients undergoing massage therapies have shown signs of improved sleep and significant difference in the anxiety they feel.

Feelings of general well-being are associated with massage therapy. Patients at NatureLife Health Care show an improved sense of self and enjoy pain-free movement. Our resident therapists work on conditions about ataxia, osteoarthritis, and even patients with a history of epilepsy.


While most research-based massage, therapy is conducted in connection to the psychological responses of these treatments. There have been randomized controlled trials that show promise in terms of anxiety, overall physical health, and patients with psychological disorders.

Massage and health care are closely related there are multiple benefits of undergoing massage therapy at our facility for both the mind and body. Our therapists first assess any preexisting conditions you may have and if there are chances of adverse side effects from any form of massage therapy.

If you are still contemplating whether you should choose massage therapy as a form of treatment for yourself or a family member.

Here is what massage therapy has to offer

Anxiety and stress management

Massage therapy targets the body’s parasympathetic nervous system to affect the internal calming response of your body.  While most researchers argue that the effects of this therapy are short-term, there is a significant improvement in how patients react to stressful situations when they are being treated.

Better sleep

Not only does massage therapy relax the mind but also the body. For people suffering from sleeping difficulties or insomnia, massage at our facility proves highly useful.

Reduced fatigue

A study published by Dr. Rapaport observed that cancer survivors who were given Swedish massage experienced far less fatigue than those who weren’t. even for people who aren’t suffering from any medical condition, our regular massage therapy in Oakville improves energy levels significantly.

Aid medical conditions and improve focus

The human body creates two forms of immune responses namely th1 and 2. During the massage, the stress hormones are slowed down to help maintain an overall balance within the body. This also helps manage diabetes and similar chronic conditions better.

Similarly, due to a reduction in the release of stress hormones, you can sleep better and your cognitive functions are clearer.

At NatureLife Health Centre we are committed to providing you with the best healing practices in the world.

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