Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings

What is the compression-based treatment?

Pain management is a huge part of wellness programs offered at Nature life health center. Compression stockings are one of the many orthodontic and bracing options that we offer. Our experienced staff assesses your diagnosis before designing a treatment plan that involves bracing and other support systems. Compression stockings offer relief to the lower legs by improving blood flow and addressing concerns such as varicose veins or lymphoedema.

How does it work?

We design top-notch compression stockings to suit different colors, sizes, and length preferences. A complete measurement is carried out to customize a size that offers comfort and support to the lower legs without obstructing blood flow or causing discomfort.

As a wellness center, we are familiar with the challenges that follow such treatments. To assist you further we will provide you with a complete plan that accounts for proper use of the stockings and when to remove and wear them for better progress.

In most cases, the patient receives two or more customized stockings to help keep the treatment hygienic and consistent. You are allowed to wash the stockings at 40C by hand as the heat from wearing these consistently can cause sweating and lint to transfer onto your skin. We promise to guide you every step of the way and make treatments effective while you are with us.

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