What is covid-19?

This is a rapidly expanding topic that has affected all corners of the globe n a cellular level. Be it physical, mental, or financial wellness the existence of this epidemic and has all but exposed how vulnerable mankind is. In scientific terms, it is a highly contagious disease that affects the respiratory organs f the human body. It is a variation of the SARS-CoV-2 strain f viruses that have plagued the earth before but with a dissimilar effect.

As a contact-based form of therapy, we understand the significance of taking precautions for the sake of our patients and practitioners. Our team has designed strategies that have worked well in assaying us and our patients with changing times. The uncertainty that has gripped the world of medicine has certainly made its way into our practice but with regular guidance and staying current with the regulations from the government and WHO we have molded our practices to give our patients the relief they need without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Here are our key considerations:

  1. Staying current: making it a necessity to follow strict guidelines and updates on all things COVID-19.
  2. Objective: keeping an objective view of the current situation and the rapidly changing health care code.
  3. Minimum exposure: implementing triage strategies, infection prevention and control protocols, social distancing, and regulated use of PPE equipment.
  4. Remote services: we have adjusted our services to cater to customers from an online setting. Remote assessments are a part of our procedure.

Nature life continued March 10, 2021