Hot & Cold Therapy

Hot & Cold Therapy

What is hot cold therapy?

Treatments such as hot and cold therapy are a part of the fabric at Nature life health center. our team consists of licensed therapists who use multiple types of therapy to improve muscular and joint function. Cold therapy is a form of cryotherapy that can be altered to treat a patient in different settings. Similarly, hot therapy or thermotherapy uses controlled heat to target different areas of the human body for treatment.

How does this help?

Cold therapy has been used for years as a treatment for inflammatory diseases. Our therapists rely on carefully curated treatment plans for cold therapy procedures. Inflamed joints, sore tissue, swollen knees, and muscle discomfort are a few of the problem areas that are treated using cold compresses or chemical ice packs.

A RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) system is followed when treating inflamed areas. The area is kept cold for about 20 minutes every 3 to 6 hours. This treatment may last about 3 days followed by cold-water immersions and ice-cube massages.

Our team of trained therapists always delivers treatments based on the severity of the condition you are suffering from. Besides cold-therapy, thermo-therapy is also a targeted treatment solution that targets stiffness in joints and soreness of muscles.

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