Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment

Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment

We provide post-accident care

Accidents are traumatic experiences. As a Health Care Center, we familiarize ourselves with each individual’s state-of-mind and injury. The treatment plan is assessed and designed with great care. Our massage therapists and chiropractors are licensed to complete post-accident care. This ensures that anyone who visits our center gets the best possible care on the road to recovery.

What is MVA recovery like?

Accidents often result in prominent injuries that require immediate medical care. Whiplash injuries are not prominent from the get-go this requires gradual treatments that target the musculoskeletal system. Our therapists are right there with you through the healing process and employ proven adjustments to focus on multiple systems in the body. If needed, our specialists will design a treatment plan that targets different areas in the human body for complete recovery.

These treatments can be simultaneous or a step-by-step process depending on the extent of external and internal injuries. Your medical history is also considered during your time with us. We believe in providing our patients with the highest standard of alternative care and working with medical recovery systems to promote a healthier life.

Once your rehabilitation with us is complete, you can expect a customized exercise and mobility plan that you can follow while you are at home. Chronic and acute pain management along with flexibility are major factors that are addressed throughout the treatment plan along with individual concerns of the patient. You can expect our staff to cooperate with you in case something isn’t working out for you.

We specialize in injury rehabilitation and have the best people in the field working to assist all our patients through the process of realizing their potential for a healthy life.

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