Reasons to choose massage therapy and its impact over the years

Reasons to choose massage therapy and its impact over the years

Evolution of massage therapy and its choice as a healing medium

Over thousands of years and thousands of obstacles, healing traditions such as therapy and physical movement have entered the 21st century. Modern medicine today cites the impact of healing traditions opening doorways into a deeper understanding of the connection between health and alternative wellness treatments.

Massage therapy

As the title suggests massage therapy is a form of therapy that involves kneading, rubbing, and manipulation of muscles or soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. This may include relaxation, pain relief, healing promotion, and overall physical form and function.

History of Massage Therapy

The history of massage therapy as rich as it gets. While massage therapy in Oakville may seem like a modern trend to some, this method of natural healing dates back ages. While the prominent benefits of massage therapy may be highlighted by a cult-like following today, this holistic system of healing was being used more than 5000 years ago.

The first record of massage therapy dates back to India around 3000 BCE. It was then considered a sacred system of healing used in Ayurveda. The massage was seen as a way to align the body’s natural and physical balance.

Massage as a healing tradition traveled to China, Southeast Asia, and Greece from here on. Traditional Chinese medicine incorporated massage techniques into their practices creating a parallel but similar healing tradition.

Around 2500 BCE massage therapy made its way into Egyptian medical practices. There are tomb paintings that record the use of massage as therapy. Their techniques were also inspired by traditional ayurvedic massage but they added their own body of work to what is practiced in Egypt.

Besides the Egyptians, the monks also brought massage therapy to Japan around 1000 BCE. This was later referred to as Anma is also known as Shiatsu.

Massage techniques have spread and evolved over centuries and used as a tool to energize, strengthen, regulate and balance the organs. The right approach to massaging can build the body’s natural resistance to illness and fatigue.

Massage therapy today

Massage therapy in Oakville has certainly come a long way. In terms of popularity, it has gained the backing of several researchers who believe that overall health can be improved by manipulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Today, the definition of massage therapy & physiotherapy has evolved connecting it to terms such as wholeness or calm rather than joint or muscle manipulation.

Ling, a known name in the world of massage therapy, believed in the vigorous use of tissue manipulation for standard treatment however, current techniques are gentle, calming, and much more purpose-oriented.

At nature life health care center our licensed therapists use a targeted approach to assist you with any ongoing medical treatments. The goal is to improve form and function for better life quality and increased expectancy.


 Massage therapy at NatureLife Health Centre

Our team comprises licensed and registered therapists who have completed years of study and practical experience in the field. Following are the techniques used by experts who provide massage therapy in Oakville at our facility


Circular motions are used as a form of deep massage using fingers and thumbs.


Gentler stroking movements along the length of different muscles


Pressure application along the width of different muscles


Measured karate chops like movements, light slaps, and such


Squeezing and pressure application on targeted muscles

Therapeutic facets

At NatureLife Health Centre therapists use massage as a form of treatment to treat pain disorders, muscle tension, stress, and anxiety. Patients undergoing massage therapies have shown signs of improved sleep and significant difference in the anxiety they feel.

Feelings of general well-being are associated with massage therapy. Patients at NatureLife Health Care show an improved sense of self and enjoy pain-free movement. Our resident therapists work on conditions about ataxia, osteoarthritis, and even patients with a history of epilepsy.


While most research-based massage, therapy is conducted in connection to the psychological responses of these treatments. There have been randomized controlled trials that show promise in terms of anxiety, overall physical health, and patients with psychological disorders.

Massage and health care are closely related there are multiple benefits of undergoing massage therapy at our facility for both the mind and body. Our therapists first assess any preexisting conditions you may have and if there are chances of adverse side effects from any form of massage therapy.

If you are still contemplating whether you should choose massage therapy as a form of treatment for yourself or a family member.

Here is what massage therapy has to offer

Anxiety and stress management

Massage therapy targets the body’s parasympathetic nervous system to affect the internal calming response of your body.  While most researchers argue that the effects of this therapy are short-term, there is a significant improvement in how patients react to stressful situations when they are being treated.

Better sleep

Not only does massage therapy relax the mind but also the body. For people suffering from sleeping difficulties or insomnia, massage at our facility proves highly useful.

Reduced fatigue

A study published by Dr. Rapaport observed that cancer survivors who were given Swedish massage experienced far less fatigue than those who weren’t. even for people who aren’t suffering from any medical condition, our regular massage therapy in Oakville improves energy levels significantly.

Aid medical conditions and improve focus

The human body creates two forms of immune responses namely th1 and 2. During the massage, the stress hormones are slowed down to help maintain an overall balance within the body. This also helps manage diabetes and similar chronic conditions better.

Similarly, due to a reduction in the release of stress hormones, you can sleep better and your cognitive functions are clearer.

At NatureLife Health Centre we are committed to providing you with the best healing practices in the world.

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