What is reflexology?

Traditional Chinese medicine has introduced a plethora of reformative treatments to the modern world. Reflexology is one of these contributions. It is essentially a form of massage that uses the principles of pressure-application to feet, hands, and ears. Reflexologists understand the connection of these particular parts of the body to different functions and organs in the body.

How do our reflexologists help?

At nature life health center, you will be cared for by top-notch practitioners who have years and years of experience in the field. In recent years, research has shown an increase in the use of reflexology to treat circulatory problems, pain, stress, and anxiety.

Reflexologists believe this treatment to be a preventative practice that strengthens the immune system from within. Fertility concerns, sinus, colds, bacterial infections, arthritis pains, and general well-being are the focus of this treatment.

Our team will first go through your medical history to determine whether reflexology can act as a complementary treatment to your recovery plan. Wellness works as a multifaceted approach to improve overall body-function while assisting you through the path to recovery.

Reflexologists at our facility used detailed foot maps to guide their pressure application. Corresponding nerves along the feet are targeted through the massage to improve organ health on both rights and left sides of the body.

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