Understanding acupuncture and its applications as a wellness therapy

Understanding acupuncture and its applications as a wellness therapy

What you should know about acupuncture

Acupuncture is an evolved form of an ancient healing tradition followed in Chinese medicine.


This treatment can best be termed as a complementary form of medicine that uses needles to treat various forms of physical and mental illnesses. The needles target specific points along what are believed to be pathways of energy in the human body.


After the needles have been inserted during Acupuncture in Oakville our practitioners use specific movements and manipulations to “activate” the needles. This can also be done using electric stimulation if needed.

There are a variety of conditions that can be treated using acupuncture.


The first record of acupuncture as a form of traditional medicine originates in china. Acupuncture is a significant part of traditional Chinese medicine and has been in use since 6000 BCE. The earlier treatments were completed using sharpened bones or stones instead of thin needles.

The basis of this treatment lies in the belief that humans are beings of energy and there are pathways in the human body that act as channels for energy. Acupuncture in Oakville also uses the same principles to this day.

This flow of energy is referred to as “qi” and pronounced “Chee”. It is believed that energy flows through twelve pathways in the body and these channels are referred to as “meridians”. These meridians are connected to different organs and functions of the human body.

This does not mean that Acupuncture is focused on nerves or blood circulation. The earliest documentation of this treatment dates back to 100 BCE in the book “the yellow emperors classic of internal medicine”.

The text records a detailed explanation of energy flow and meridians through the human body.

Acupuncture today

The development of acupuncture has been quite consistent through the centuries. Acupuncture in Oakville used today comes from the standard practice of acupuncture followed by traditional Chinese healers.

At NatureLife Health Centre our practitioners use acupuncture as a means of treatment for various ailments in conjunction with a balanced diet, use of herbs, heat therapy, and massage treatments. If you are already undergoing medical treatments, our team can design a plan that works hand-in-hand with your treatments to provide you with maximum benefits.

Acupuncture is used to treat a range of medical conditions. These include a range of digestive, eye-ear-throat, musculoskeletal, respiratory, neurological, gynecological, and other miscellaneous disorders.

Acupuncture at NatureLife Health Centre

Our practitioners make sure that the patient has discussed acupuncture with their doctor before they qualify for the treatments. We are quite thorough and take details of all the treatments and medication you are on.

If you use a pacemaker, a possibility of infection, skin conditions, pregnancy, implants or any other chronic illness make sure to discuss test results and diagnostics in detail with your care-provider.

Our practitioners do not diagnose any medical condition rather offer complementary treatments for better energy and function.

All our acupuncture practitioners are licensed. They meet the training standards set by the state for acupuncture practitioners to deliver treatments.

Apart from this, anyone who does not have a medical condition can also opt for this treatment for vitality and rejuvenation. Acupuncture can be beneficial for anyone. Acupuncture can aid in maintaining a healthy life and also acts as a preventative measure for several ailments.

As to the benefits of acupuncture, there are quite a few

Applications of acupuncture in Oakville

Promotes relaxation

If you have ever seen someone get an acupuncture treatment you can see how relaxed they are despite needles sticking into their skin. Acupuncture has been a treatment to help the body and mind relax for centuries. At our facility, you will find an ambiance suited for stress-relief acupuncture conducted by expert practitioners with years of extensive experience in working with patients experiencing different forms of anxiety and stress.

After just a single session with our practitioners’ patients tend to feel relaxed and alleviated.

Improve sleep

Like most forms of physical medicine Acupuncture acts as a balancing treatment to relax the body and mind. The energy flow is targeted throughout the treatment and patients tend to sleep much better when after a session of this therapy.

In treating sleeping disorders acupuncture helps improve the overall health and function of the mind and body.

Boost your energy

Acupuncture is a treatment that targets the disruption of energy throughout the body. This imbalance can be attributed to several factors including chronic stress and anxiety. Apart from preexisting medical conditions, several other factors cause fatigue and loss of energy.

After a thorough examination and medical history, our practitioners target specific meridians that are linked to what is causing the lack of energy. With each session, you will feel a significant difference in energy levels and overall physical health.

Pain management

Acupuncture is used in conjunction with other wellness programs to improve pain management. Musculoskeletal disorders are often the culprits in causing serious illness that led to joint pain, stiffness, and discomfort. To address these conditions and to prompt the body to heal itself, a program comprising of different therapies and treatments is put in place by our team.

Acupuncture is often a part of the treatment plan and works as a catalyst to improve physical function and relieve the patient of severe pain and stiffness across the body.

Immunity booster

Acupuncture can act as a stimulant to boost your body’s natural barriers against disease. In Chinese medicine “Wei QI” is a form of protective energy that flows within the body.

This form of acupuncture is often completed in conjunction with the use of Chinese herbs to strengthen the protective barrier while improving the energy flow through multiple meridian channels.

To better understand how Acupuncture in Oakville can change your life quality visit us for a consultation and discuss your queries with us.

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