Understanding physiotherapy and how it fits into modern healing

Understanding physiotherapy and how it fits into modern healing

By definition, physiotherapy is a form of alternative treatment that relies on physical treatments such as massage, exercise (assisted or otherwise), and other physical movements to address ailments as opposed to the use of drugs, medication, and surgery.

History: The presence of physiotherapy in today’s world

Physiotherapy in Oakville has gained popularity relatively recently. However, it is an age-old treatment that has been in use for centuries in countries like India, Greece, and China. There are records; written and otherwise that show the use of massages and even hydrotherapy to heal the sick.

In about 1000 B.C, Chinese medicine used a specific form of exercise named “Cong Fu” that was used to correct the human posture. It focused on breathing techniques to improve the overall respiratory system.

Physiotherapy today is in essence an improved form of what was practiced centuries ago. The Greek physician Herodicus discussed the significance of gymnastics (wrestling, walking, and weight training) to treat febrile conditions. Another mention of physical therapy is recorded during 460 BC when Hippocrates otherwise known as the father of medicine emphasized the significance of physical movement for better posture and function.

There are multiple other mentions of physical therapies throughout history for healing purposes.


Physiotherapy today

In today’s world, physiotherapy encompasses a range of motion and assisted movements to treat and improve the human form. It is no longer seen as an alternative treatment but features into the overall medical and physical plan for specific ailments.

It is now a tool used to work on musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and even neurological disorders. Psychosomatic and pain conditions are also a part of the vast medical conditions that are treated and prevented using physical therapy.

Certified and licensed physiotherapists hold diplomas and degrees that provide the theoretical and practical knowledge of conditions that can be treated using physical movement. Some programs help physiotherapists specialize in various fields that include sports injuries, orthopedic treatments, massage therapies, and more.

Physiotherapy has certainly come along way. There are facts backed by science that physical therapists rely on for treatments of form and motion. Some studies record the significance of physiotherapy in pain management and improved motion as well.

Physiotherapy is no longer the choice of a select few. Doctors prescribe the use of therapies especially for sports injuries, diabetic conditions, and acupuncture-related treatments. Since this form of healing relies on the human body and its capability to heal, it has become quite popular in recent times.

At NatureLife Health Centre physiotherapy plays a leading role. We provide top-notch Physiotherapy in Oakville carried out by registered and licensed physicians only. We believe that to better understand the significance of physical therapy and how it enhances the quality of life, people need to be familiar with the advantages of this form of treatment.

Advantages of physiotherapy

As mentioned above, physiotherapy has come a long way and the benefits of this specific form of treatment have been recorded and cited by medical journals all over the globe. Our Oakville Physiotherapy program isn’t just a solution for people suffering from an ailment but can also act as a preventative measure in terms of musculoskeletal diseases.

A comprehensive understanding of how physical movement and assisted physical training improve form and function has helped people improve their overall lifestyle and many patients who have received treatment at our center are leading healthy lives without assistance.

Following are a few reasons to change your perspective towards wellness treatments and to better understand their potential.

Pain elimination and management

Joint and soft tissue mobilization, manual therapy, chiropractic adjustments, or shockwave therapies are a part of our pain management programs. Our team of licensed practitioners adds Physiotherapy using different forms of treatments that target pain caused by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and similar concerns.

There are electrical simulation options used in the process to enhance the effectiveness of the treatments at our facility.

Surgery isn’t the only option

Physiotherapy is a treatment that strengthens the joints and muscles from within. In some cases, the need for surgery may be eliminated by prompting the body to heal itself rather than rely on invasive procedures. However, if you still need to proceed with the surgery, opting for Physiotherapy will help strengthen your body and improve the healing process after the surgery.


Stiffness and joint discomfort are conditions that affect people of all ages. Working on mobility at our facility will make routine life and movement painless and easier. Pilates, mobility exercises, and corresponding programs are in effect during treatment to help improve overall health other than just treating a specific health condition.


The body is a set of connected mechanisms that make the body-work. Going through trauma related to strokes, paralysis or hemorrhages can leave certain parts of the body week and in need of treatment. Physiotherapy in Oakville is an amalgamation of mobility treatments and therapy to restore strength and movement in parts of the body that have been affected by nerve damage or are experiencing impaired movement.

Better life

Old age is a culprit. Despite not having any medical conditions mobility and joint problems become a problem. Time at our facility with treatments such as Physiotherapy and more you can negate the effects of age and enjoy carefree movement and complete control of your life. Therapy and consistent movement can keep conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis at bay.


You can book a consultation with us to get a complete road map of exercises and therapies that you can add to your wellness routine. Apart from designing treatment plans for specific conditions we work on overall wellness and mobility plans that can help anyone improve their lifestyle.


Physiotherapy is a huge part of what we do here. From helping patients retore motion in their limbs to improving mobility, breathing, and more, physiotherapy does wonder for the human form.

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